Masonry Tools and How to Learn More About Them

Brick and stone masons know that using the right tools for a job makes all the difference. Brick, stone, and concrete are heavy materials to lift, cut, and work with. Hand tools such as trowels and chisels are essential parts of a mason’s bricklaying kit. Tools such as saws are also as necessary for brick and stone masons as their hand tools and project blueprints are. The combination of both hand and power tools greatly assists masons in completing various jobs and projects.

There are many types of Masonry Saws on the market and it is important to know which ones are necessary per project. For stone and brick masons just starting out, it is wise to gain knowledge about tools and practices from a master mason. There are also various associations available for mason contractors, such as Mason Contractors Association of America. Members of this association can access webinars, technical information, and safety information. They can also view job postings and direct questions to other members.

Before purchasing or renting an industrial saw, it is best to either gather feedback from experienced masons or to at least do some research and reading. Detailed reviews and ratings are available on sites such as Amazon.TopGuidePro also offers a helpful pros and cons breakdown for their top ten reviews for 2019. Employees at industrial supply companies can also offer helpful advice and suggestions and some industrial companies ship saws to commercial businesses at no cost.

Whether you are seeking wet cutting saws, dry cutting saws, or saws with the option to be used for wet or dry cutting, there is a tool for you and your business or project. There are saws with closed back designs as well as open backed designs. Some saws come with free blades and it is important to review depths of cuts and what size cuts needs to be used as well as what size the materials being cut will be. Depending on the frequency that the saw will be used, renting may be a prime option. Some tool rental companies offer round the clock service options and can also answer questions and provide onsite replacement tools when necessary.

When purchasing saws, always check about financing options and warranties. Some companies offer special financing for commercial clients. Many saws have an associated one-year limited warranty and it is best to keep receipts and warranty information in easy to locate files or folders.

Bricklaying is a challenging yet satisfying line of work and using problem solving skills as well as quality tools helps to build a work reputation of excellence. Just as it is worthwhile to invest time in learning the masonry craft, it is also productive to secure knowledge and access to professional quality hand and power tools. The structures a brick or stone mason work on are a testament to their level of craftsmanship and are often a very public display. Take pride in the services you provide and give yourself the best background and tool set to be a success.